False Memory on your CV?

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After being accused of false memories, destroying families, leading witch hunts and  brainwashing others in the early 1990’s I stopped speaking – even to myself.

I fled, went underground and was very quiet for a long time.

I’ve now started to write about this injustice online.

But not IRL.

And I can’t ever imagine wanting to put the words false memory on my CV

 So why do others do so?

 Why do they want to blab about their association with a movement that has caused myself and so many others so much harm?

 Contratto and Gotfreund give four possible reasons why people might want to put the words false memory on their CV

  •  Concern about the future of science

  • Concern about the cocept of repression

  • Concern about the damage done to families

  • Concern about the professional status of psychology

I have to confess that I have given a lot of thought to these reasons.

I now think I was wasting my time.

Here is my present analysis of why some people want to put the words false memory on their CV

  • they hate feminists

  • they hate women

  • they hate vulnerable people of any sort and gender

  • they hate feminists

(1) Contratto and Gotfreund A feminist clinicians guide to the memory debate. Taylor and Francis. 1996

6 thoughts on “False Memory on your CV?

  1. Correction: Someone has asked a representative of the advisory board for a comment on this blog page. The comment was that the Guardian article explicitly did NOT threaten to sue NAPAC in a Guardian article. I would therefore like to say that it LOOKED like a threat to me – a lay person with no legal training.


  2. Thank you for exposing the false memory society. It’s cruel the way those people are reabusing victims of child abuse. I keep trying to console myself, telling myself one day it will all come out in the open what they have done, but so many people, you tell them and it just doesn’t seem to sink in, or they don’t care because they haven’t been abused themselves. Ralph Underwager and Richard Gardner were cruel ruthless men, I should think they are in hell now


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