The memory wars

(c) Dundee Art Galleries and Museums Collection (Dundee City Council); Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation
The Village Ball Game. Alexander Cause. Detail

In the opening of the book Recovered Memories and False Memories Martin Conway writes

At the centre of the recovered memory debate there is a dialogue between psychotherapists and memory researchers concerning the veridicality of human memory.

For a long time I beleived this. And then I realised that its not true.

There dividing line does not go through two professions, psychotherapists versus research psychologists. It doesn\t even go through the subdivisions of the profession of psychotherapy, with cognitive psychotherapists lining up on one side and psychodynamic therapists on the other. That how the false memory movement wants to promote it, but it doesn\t work like that.

I now think that the dividing line is more political than scientific.

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