Elsewhere on this blog one can find information about  research that was done on the UK false memory group. This is both research that was commissioned by them through the Odin Trust ( Gudjonsson ) and research from other bodies ( the British Pyschological Society ).

However neither of these studies would seem to have studied the proportion of members of the UK false memory group who have been legally threatened by their “accusers”. One can wonder what proportion of their members have been legally charged?

Perhaps it is so that many of the members of false memory groups have not been legally charged. They have however been involved in an intra-family conflict. Perhaps one person in the family has told another about some memories and that person has told another person who then feels “accused”?

In any kind of conflict resolution, the advice is always to de-escalate the situaltion before trying to sort it out.

One can therefore wonder if joining a false memory group and following their advice of contacting a lawyer is the best thing to do in this situation.?

Given that the false memory people want to have better contact with their adult children – wouldn’t going to a lawyer to discuss how they can prove that their adult children are lying or mentally unstable – wouldn’t this make the situation worse?


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In 1993 Odin Charitable Trust funded A Survey of Members of the British False Memory Society By. Gudjonsson, G at Kings College, London. . £16,260 https://kclpure.kcl.ac.uk/portal/en/externalorganisations/odin-charitable-trust(a53bddd9-20ba-48df-b8c3-f412e410ac74)/projects.html?period=allThe