Freudian revisionism


The false memory movement deliberately mixes-up the concepts of dissociation and repression and refers to them both as psuedo-science.

This denial is rather strange if one considerers that one of the founders of the false memory movement was Martin Orne who had published extensively about dissociation

This is an extract of a conversation between another founder of the FM movement and a psychotherapist who was harrassed by the in the 1990’s. The FM spokesman says that there was no such thing as dissociation until therapists  made it up.

Freyd: The term “multiple personality” itself assumes that there is “single personality” and there is evidence that no one ever displays a single personality.

Calof: The issue here is the extent of dissociation and amnesia and the extent to which these fragmentary aspects of personality can take executive control and control function.

Sure, you and I have different parts to our mind, there’s no doubt about that, but I don’t lose time to mine they can’t come out in the middle of a lecture and start acting 7 years old.

I’m very much in the camp that says that we all are multi-minds, but the difference between you and me and a multiple is pretty tangible.

Freyd: Those are clearly interesting questions, but that area and the clinical aspects of dissociation and multiple personalities is beyond anything the Foundation is actively…

Calof: That’s a real problem. Let me tell you why that’s a problem.

Many of the people that have been alleged to have “false memory syndrome” have diagnosed dissociative disorders.

It seems to me the fact that you don’t talk about dissociative disorders is a little dishonest, since many people whose lives have been impacted by this movement are MPD or have a dissociative disorder.

To say, “Well, we ONLY know about repression but not about dissociation or multiple personalities” seems irresponsible.” 


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