hamlet delacrix_edited
Hamlet by Delacroix

An recent article in the Huffington Post.  suggested that Hamlet may have been suffering from False Memory Syndrome.  The ghost did not exist and there was nothing rotten in Demnark.

Maybe Hamlet’s mum should have attended a false memory conference in Illinois in 1999 . There she could have leant how to handle her son:-

“ The concept of our children being in a delusional state gives me a better ability to be patient.

Dr. Piper described how therapists deal with delusional patients. You should not confront the delusion directly. It only hardens and makes a person more firm in his or her thinking. You have to work to gradually undermine the delusion by presenting information that gently challenges the false ideas.

For us that often means any contact we can have with our children, or any experience we can give them which might remind them of their real past.

As others have said, memories of their real past and contact with real parents can make them uneasy about their falsely constructed world. 

(c) Manchester City Galleries; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation
Hamlet and the ghost. David Sheilds

Actually, one of the best ways to move beyond the, “yes it did, no it didn’t” positivistic  lingo created by the false memory movement is to study memory through literature because,

“literature, like psychoanalysis, is interested in the complex relation between knowing and not knowing”

Dr Piper, was also at the forefront of opposition against dissociative disorders in the 1990’s. So beleiving your children are delusional and not accepting the diagnosis of Dissociative Disorders would seem to be connected.


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