Be yourself, no matter what they say


The person who was quoted in the Guardian as saying

” If you’re going to accept recovered memories of abuse, you should also accept the alien claims.”

is now setting up a Masters degree course in False Memory Studies ( or Forensic Psychology as they are calling it )

 Is it profitable for  this university to engage in organised denial of sexual abuse?

Or just fun?

Whatever the case, they have invited a well known false memory celebrity to their opening night.

I was thinking about writing to the ethics committee of this university but it turns out that the person who is busy telling the nation that I beleive in little green men on Mars is also chairman the University’s Ethics and Integrity Committee.

And the invited celebrity knows how to fend off ethical questions.

When Fowler found out there was an ethics complaint pending against Loftus, he reached out to her and told her she should resign her membership before a case could be formally opened against her. He later denied that he had done so and appointed one of his deputies to “investigate” how Loftus had found out about the complaint.

Oh well… they’ve got that sown up nicely then.

Gotta go now. The aliens want their supper


And talking of aliens…

“It takes a man to suffer ignorance and smile”. Sting and Quentin Crisp

“Be yourself, no matter what they say”

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