How to be an alien


 The alien com220px-HowToBeAnAlienparison has been used by the false memory movement since the early 1990’s. Maybe that’s because the late Carl Sagan was employed as an advisor to the false memory organisation in the US.

Sagan wrote great books on outer space but his conclusions of life on earth were a little more dogmatic.

In reality the word “alien” has meant different things in different times and places. In cultural terms it probably has more to do with the concept of The Other than with little green men.

Unfortunately the false memory people are not interested in culture. They only think in black and white ( and green? )

huyton park2_edited
“Aliens” interned at Huyton Park camp near Liverpool during WWII. 

Here’s an exert from an interview when a therapist ( writing for a publication for article for other trauma therapists ) interviews someone from the false memory movement.

FM spokesman: When people recover memories of space alien abduction

Therapist: Well, we’re not talking

FM spokesmanBut that’s improbable to me.

Therapist: Fair enough, but our readers

FM spokesman: Some people recover memories of satanic ritual abuse and that’s improbable to me.

Therapist: Okay, but you have already admitted you’re not a clinician. I hear verifiable stories in a given day that would raise hair on a cue hall.

False memory spokesman:  If one hears a story that seems improbable one is more apt to be a little more skeptical.

Therapist: What does “improbable” mean, though?

FM spokesman: I have given you some examples.

Therapist: But little of that has anything to do with the kind of stuff clinicians see on a daily basis in our offices.

FM spokesman:  We are just as concerned about people and situations where people recover memories of space alien abduction.…. another is past-life therapy.

Therapist: Our readers work in the field of sexual abuse recovery. They don’t regularly work with people who claim past lives necessarily or alien abductions as their presenting problem.

And finally…. in case you thought pigs couldn’t fly…

Pink Floyd album cover from “Animals” 1976

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