False Memory and Holocaust Denial

tolerant_editedThis blog is about how some people use the concept of “false memory” in order to allege that child sexual abuse has not happened.
However, from the time when I began this blog  people have written to me  to me saying  that the Holocaust is a false memory.
This blog  has nothing to do with memories of the Holocaust and I have never mentioned the Holocaust on the blog until now.
Not only do I not agree with the comments that have been sent – they make me very angry.
But then a worse thing happened. I got an e-mail from somebody which contained threats of murder and sexual violence. They were not directed towards me but towards a person who is publicly invloved in healing trauma from the Holocaust.
I got scared and shut my blog down. I reported the matter to the police and I also contacted the person who the threats were directed against.
That person thought that I should not give in and close the blog. So a few days later I opened it again. I wish to thank them for that.

there is no depression in this house_edited


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