The questions the keynote speaker never answered

 The new unit for forensic psychology opened in london this week. Lots of weighty skeptics were there ( basically the FM gang in gowns ) and one of them introduced the keynote speaker:

dwarkins intruducing loftus_edited

who talked about shopping malls


And how to brainwash your kids so they won’t get fat


Somebody asked the following questions but they didn’t get answered:

1) Why do you continue to sit on the scientific advisory board of the FMSF, an organization claiming to offer aid to those wrongfully accused of child molestation but that has no screening process to prevent against supporting pedophiles in establishing their defense? Why have you not demanded such a policy as a condition of your work there?

2) How do you respond to the charge that point 1 taken alongside allegations of “stalking” (for which you were sued) a self-reported sexual abuse survivor and allegations of ethical violations involving human subjects seem to establish a pattern of unethical and/or predatory behaviors?

3) Why did you continue to associate theories of traumatic memory with repression long after that paradigm was replaced by dissociation?

4) In your own words, why do you believe the traumatic memory research community finds your work so problematic.

5) What is you reaction to Ross Cheit’s archival project of over 100 collects cases in which “recovered” [sic] traumatic memories were authenticated?

6) What is your position on the charge that, in your promotion of “false memory” theories, you have negatively impacted the climate for legitimate sex abuse survivors to find support and validation in their “coming-out” process.


Another person asked about “moral panic” and how it can lead to to panics about satanic ritual abuse –  and they did get an answer.

Funny that.


Oh well. Better listen to Brucie..

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