The language of abuse denial

poetics 2
I am thinking more and more about how, when  knowledge about abuse is mentioned in public spaces ( sexual abuse, organised abuse ) the the language that is used to shove the speakers back into silence is totally surreal and bizarre.
Shopping malls, witchhunts, UFO’s and alien abduction. False memories implanted in  mice, in bees and people who practice mindfullness. References to the grim reaper, the Middle Ages, to Salem ( which wasn’t actually in the middle ages but who cares? ) and more…
This is a quote  from Vanity Fair in 2013, after media outlets were legally free to publish information about Savile that had not been possible when he was alive.
It has been whispered that we are living in The Crucible. A dank, wild-eyed, black-hatted Salem. A moment of mass witch hunt seeping out of that formless knot of fear that so many people carry in their guts, spread by catharsis in these frightening times. Vanity fair.Feb 2013
What is a formless knot of fear? Whose formless knot of fear is being referred to?
Here is another quote from the same article
the Savile affair, a grim allegory of bad times, the predatory male stealing the future of the young for a passing, vain pleasure.
This is a more recent quote from an article in The Times when a journalist ponders on the fact that there is more than one on-going investigation into organised child abuse in the UK

“A few of us (at the beginning, very few of us) watched this process with alarm. From Watson’s acorn — or alleged acorn because, of course, no names were named and no cases detailed — grew a forest of lusty oaks.”

This quote was drawn to my attention by  The Needle Blog. Thank you
here is another interesting quote from an investigative journalist
I soon realised they fell into two polarised camps – with believers who were campaigners, therapists, social workers and ͚survivors͛ on one side, and sceptics including criminal investigators and academics on the other
The Two Camps. On the one side survivors, social workers, beleivers. On the other pub- skeptics, scientists and academics. Says who? Who created the idea that there were two camps? And who wins when the individual struggles of people who were sexuallly abused as children are caught up in this war?
 My favourite piece of creative writing at the moment is the following:
“Child abuse is an horrific crime but there is a fine line between encouraging victims to speak out and McCarthyism.
Well really, a fine line indeed!
Thank you to the Turning Things Upside Down blog for this. you can find other bizarre witch-hunt analogies here:-

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