A BBC television documentary about child sexual abuse


.The UK a has a historical tradition of all-male spaces, whether they are prep and public schools, the upper reaches of the Houses of Parliament or children’s homes for boys. The richest and the poorest men have been sent away from their homes at a young ages, to be disciplined by other men.

There is evidence that there has been organised movement ( trafficking) of boys from some all-male spaces to others. This seems to have been secret to all but a few people, and those that speak about it are punished.

Faced with this problem, where does one start investigating?

The approach taken by a recent BBC documentary has been to frame the investigation in a single question. Is there evidence of a VIP paedophile ring? 

Unfortunately they did not define this hypothesis to their viewers

The word paedophile implies that when powerful men act in groups to do horrible things to less powerful boys – it is because of their individual sexual desires. Is this really the case? What if you really wanted to be Home Secretary and some friends said, OK, we’ll vote for you, but only if you pose for this picture in a frilly apron and a kid on your lap. My guess is that some people would agree – whatever their sexual preferences.

The word paedophile means that you can mix the word up with homosexual and argue that nobody knew the difference back then ( a terrible slur to those who did know the difference )

Then there is the use of the word ring when network would be more suitable.

So the program goes charging off to look for a paedophile ring like the holy grail whilst making light weight of other forms of institutional abuses.

And what do they find? Scared men. Men who sit in dark rooms with their backs turned, with hoods over their faces and talking through a voice machine. There is one man who isn’t scared to talk to the camera because his abuser is in prison ( a rather good reason for continuing investigations I would think ). Then there is another man who says that he previously said he was abused by a home secretary – but he was only joking.

This last interview is the most interesting. It may be possible that this man was previously joking.  But it is also possible that he is stating that he doesn’t want to be a tabloid victim. He won’t sit in a darkened room with a hood on anymore. He would rather  talk in his own voice  to people he trusts.

And not on Panorama

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