The Sunday Times and False Memory I

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Yesterday the Sunday Times printed an article about false memory and it probably didn’t go as well as expected. The press just can’t get away with using the false memory argument anymore because of social media.
So the person who was supposed to  have got a false memory by doing a certain therapy went on-line to say that she had never done this therapy – and why hadn’t the Sunday Times interviewed her?
Then it turned out that the person who organised the therapy-that-didn’t-happen hadn’t been consulted or interviewed either. And that the Sunday Times had said that the charity concerned lay on a back street  ( like an illegal  abortion clinic?) and not on a busy road with shops.
Then another journalist wrote that the Sunday Times had got its facts wrong when it referred to the Cleveland case as being to do with false memory when it wasn’t. It seems that the Sunday Times also knew it was wrong here because in one pre-edition copy they had taken the reference to Cleveland away – and then they put it back again.
The article interviewed someone from the new Centre  for Memory and Law at City University. This may not be the best entrance for them – to be mentioned in such a shoddy article. Perhaps the False Memory Archive  (which is apparently housed at this centre) will also come under scrutiny? Does it contain third-party information about people who don’t think their memories are false?
Then there’s the fact that  the article about false memory wasn’t printed in a vacuum. Earlier this week Beatrix Campbell had described the fight to expose sexual crime against children as a “great social movement” and that the backlash was “routine and predictable“.
 And so it is.


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