On trauma

I found this quote in an article by James Berger  and I thought it was interesting. Berger is writing from the context of Disibility Studies and reflecting on why it is that the study of trauma and the study of disability are quite seperate. this is especially the case if one thinks that trauma can cause lasting disability. Berger writes,
“Trauma is not sacred.
Trauma is utterly secular.
It is simply something that happens.
It has causes, which are both social and personal;
and it has consequences,
again both social and personal.
Its devastating impacts challenge existing symbolic resources,
and thus it may appear,
or seem best described
in terms ofthe sublime
or the sacred
or the apocalyptic.
But it is not.
The value of trauma as a descriptive term
for historical catastrophe,
it seems to me,
is its lack of connotation,
its negativity or blankness.
It is what has happened.

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