More False Memory Spin

When I first started to write about the false memory movement, I understood that these people were good at managing the media.

I didn’t understand that this is because it IS a media movement.

The falsely accused people who they claim to represent didn’t spontaneously just gather together in a grass roots type fashion.

Or if they did, they were soon taken over by more media savy individuals ( such as when Richard Webster discovered F.A.C.T )

These were people who knew how to milk public sympathy by presenting the “falsely accused” in a positive light.

A news item might have nothing to do with the issue of memory, but the false memory movement will claim and promote an article as “theirs”

 I wonder if they will do the same with regards to the following article in the Daily Mail?

The article describes how a local authority will no longer be funding a charity which supports adult survivors of child sexual abuse. This is to do with issues of governance, lack of professionally trained staff and consequently poor therapeutic techniques. The charity appears to have been given the opportunity to correct these shortcomings – but had not done so.

Given the pressure that local authorities are under I don’t see anything strange about this decision. The clients of this organisation will be given the opportunity to continue recevting support from other organisations with qualified staff.

None of this has anything to do with the issue of false memory. 

Infact the decision of the local authority to allow the charity’s existing clients to direct access to professionally qualified staff would seem to me evidence that they take the needs of these clients seriously.




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