Pain Management II

Frida Kahlo and a hawk

Yesterday I wrote about “managing” the false memory arguments, that is, seeing them as obstacles and hardships that can be dealt with, rather than being defeated by. It’s something I’m trying to learn.

Therefore I thought it would be useful to include something written by a lawyer on the subject, a lawyer that represents child abuse survivors.


This is an extract from the lawyer Peter Garsden writing in 2013

The recent change in police  attitudes to the investigation of abuse, and perhaps some re-introduction of the banned police “trawling” from the early millennium, has affected us all.
Everyone has a Savile story to tell.
It is somewhat ironical that, the same stories those of us who were around in the late 1990’s heard, are all being revamped, and re-rolled by a once again hungry media.
I am sure we have all had varying media calls ranging from “do you have any Savile victims who want to be interviewed?” – a somewhat insensitive approach, to the more interested and intelligent investigative journalist wanting a “new angle” on the story.
I know the Survivor Groups are inundated with those wanting help.
It is also ironical that whilst I was pushing hard for a public enquiry into abuse back in 1997 for what went on the North West, we are now awash with enquiries into all aspects of the problem from, one wonders, a somewhat apprehensive government who are anxious to be seen to be doing the right thing in a transparent fashion.
The recently announced Operation Fernbridge involving, allegedly, allegations against Members of Parliament, will be an interesting development.
The point which the media sometimes forgets is that victims all over the country, who are not even connected with celebrity abuse, are being triggered into wanting to do something about their abuse (I have avoided using the term “historic”) from long ago.
We have to listen empathetically to what they have to say, and that is what ACAL is all about.
Unfortunately there is the other side of the story ie the allegedly falsely accused also coming to the surface.


 Some of you may have heard Richard Scorer on Radio 5… on Sunday morning facing the other side’s lobby. You may also have read the hatchet article by David Rose in the Sunday Mirror about David Greenwood, which I know he is taking advice upon.


Years ago I put my head above the parapet and had it shot off, when giving evidence at the Home Affairs SelectCommittee enquiry.


Thankfully, as the years go by, I get older and wiser, but no less passionate about the subject.


The times when my head appears have become less and less common

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