Playing chess with survivors of CSA

 Street painting by El Teneen, Cairo

Writing this blog has helped me to understand the false memory movement much better. This means that if I stumble across something online or hear somebody say something about false memories I don’t curl up into a paroxym of pain anymore.

Also, as I wrote in my last two entries, I know that I can’t make the false memory movement go away. However much I tell them how much pain they have caused me I don’t think they will listen. They have other interests at heart than my pain.

What I can do is use the understanding that I have gained whilst writing this blog  to enable the pain that the false memory people cause me to be managed. To understand that they are simply media-savy people who feed off others misfortume and greedily search for examples of incidences which they can interpret as the result of false memory. They then blow these incidents up with the use of metaphors to make it look as if these incidents are the norm.

It means also that I think it is very important that those who wish to write about sexual abuse have a heavy responsibility to do so as accurately as possible. Although sexual abuse needs to be exposed in  the UK it is better to err on the side of caution when doing so in order to avoid a backlash and not give the false memory people something to feed off.

For this reason I am rather sceptical of the web-based news agency Exaro which appears to over-sensationalise stories of sexual abuse that involve politicians without worrying too much about facts. Feeding off others´pain to acheive cheap headlines does not seem to be too different to feeding off stories that can be twisted to illustrate false memory syndrome. In both senarios the survivor of sexual abuse is being used as a pawn in someone else’s chess game

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