What a tangled web we weave

when we practice to deceive


I have been writing this blog as a way to understand the the UK false memory craze of 1993-4 where over four hundred newspaper articles in the UK ( the number documented by Kitzinger in just four newspapers) wrote about people who were supposedly suffering from having a false memory.

I was one of the people  who was written about in the newspapers and this was a very difficult time for me. At the time I knew that my memory was not more or less false than anyonw else’s memory – and this is still the case.However it was terrible to be written about in this way with no cause for redress. My suffering was made more accute by the fact that there wasn’t anywhere else to turn to find information that contradicted these newspaper articles.

I’m therefore so pleased that now there are a variety of digital and social media communities and forms of expression that have enabled me to write about my experience.

But of course there is a downside to the proliferation of digital media forms also. And when it comes to “historic” child sexual abuse one of these downsides has been the on-line news web site caled Exaro News.



Painting a false traumatic past (to order)




In general the Indie has been more restrained about publishing articles comparing remembering childhood abuse to being visited by aliens.

But now they seem to have done a little false memory dance. And it’s in the Culture edition not Science ( where the Guardian usually puts its false memory stuff)

The article is about an artist that has received funding from the Wellcome Trust.

It’s an update of an article they did a year ago here

Only they’ve left our the the quotes from the false memory soc and put new pictures in

And put in a gushy bit about the artist knowling a lot about psychology ( really…far more than you know…)

The Indie doesn’t mention that the artist is also part of The WITH collective which is an art collective that can create or loose memories for people.

Since its inception in 2002, The WITH Collective has received critical praise in the UK and beyond, largely through the creation of a diverse range of concepts that are for sale at their website, including: Knowthing™ where a commissioner can have their ‘me-time’ delegated to a member of the collective and mymory™ where a client can have a memory recovered (or lost) on their behalf. These concepts or ‘solutions’ are the primary manifestation of the artwork; the theme that links all of the ideas together is that a client can have an experience either invented or lived out on their behalf by a member of the collective – See more at:

That’s right,you can employ them to “remember” a traumatic memory and to live out the consequenses of this IRL.

A client can have an experience either invented or lived out on their behalf by a member of the collective

Now what’s to say there isn’t someone doing this right now on social media?

Scary thought