The nature / nuture debate

Deborah Orr has pushed an article in yesterday’s Guardian on the mental illness and the nature / nuture question

I once heard somebody say that we should be pleased that the nature / nuture debate exists because it gives us something to wonder  and talk about.

It would be very interesting to know if the nature / nuture question will be solved in my lifetime, but I rather think it might not because it is partly an existential question and as such it won’t go away too easily.

Then there’s the added complication that, although there is lots of research being done in this area, the people who beleive in nuture are doing their research and those that believe in nature are doing theirs. And will the twain meet? Hardly, in an increasingly corporate run reseach industry.

Then there’s the other complication that beleiving in nature or nuture seems to go in fashions, rather like hairstyles. And it’s not possible to predict what the fashion will be like in thirty years time.

But one thing I don’t understand is false memory proponents who hold that it is possible for a psychotherapist to iactrogenically induce false memories in clients after one or two sessions… whilst at the same time holding that long term abuse could not have  affected the personality in any way.

I look forward to seeing if someone will have solved this question in 30 years time.


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