Case studies of so-called false memory

The False Memory Movement makes lavish use of case studies which describe so-called happy families that are destroyed by the non-existent recovered memory therapy

In 2014, the Indy could published the following quote from the UK false memory club

“We’re not talking about people who have snippets of memories of abuse or a feeling that something was wrong in the past, then remember more during therapy. This is about people who spontaneously produce a memory that’s completely out of the blue and completely out of character,”

Increasly though, its becoming hard for false memory clubs to find examples of now-destroyed-previously-perfect families. This is because it is possible for those who are interested to find alternative infomation about the case on-line.

An example of this is the case of that is currently mentioned on the US false memory club’s website.

It refers to a case in Michigan, USA where a therapist is facing a lawsuit brought about by parents of a client. The parents allege that the therapist used something they call recovered memory therapy and implanted the client with false memories.

It’s possible to read about this case on-line and come to alternative conclusions.

I am not writing this in support of the therapist concerned. I think the therapist did the wrong thing when a minor reported incest in a therapy session. Instead of taking imediate safeguarding measures on behalf of the client, the therapist seems to have attempted some kind of in-therapy confrontation between the client and their alleged abuser. The therapist does not seem to have reported the situation to the authorites for several months.

It seems that in Michigan counsellors or therapists are not among the professions that are mandated to report child abuse.

My alternative reading of this case study is as follows:-

The alleged abuser is part of a marital couple with fundamentalist christian beliefs that has homeschooled their children in the US state of Michigan. Michigan does not require parents to register children who are homeschooled and the state authories do not even know how many there are.

The couple in question have four children three of whom are adult and have left their childhood home. These now adult children all allege that pysical and emotional abuse took place in their childhood home. One of them also alleges sexual abuse. Another of them obtained legal emancipation from his parents before the age of 18.

The forth child is still at home and has a leaning disability that means that they will not be able to leave the family home in the way that the siblings have done.

It would seem to me that the state should be concerned about the welfare of this child even if it cannot be proved that sexual abuse occured in this family.

Suing the therapist  that one of the children visited for a duty of care to third parties would appear to be a push for even futher negligence of the rights of homeschooled children in Michigan. It has very little to do with the so-called non-existent recovered memory therapy


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