Dissociation or Repression? A sleight of hand


Twenty two years ago, in 1994, the words Dissociative Identity Disorder replaced the words “Multiple Personality Disorder” in the DSM.

The earliest false memory tracts therefore could be forgiven for using the word repression rather than dissociation. But there really isn’t any excuse today.

There is also a growing body of evidence-based research for the exisitence of dissociative disorders. David Spiegel, founder of the Stanford Centre on Stress and Health has described dissociative disorders as extreme form of PTSD. (1)

A list of their research publications related to dissociation can be found here

False memory clubs ignore this and instead prefer to refer, Ad infinitum to repression, the movies and that old chestnut Sybil.

( It would appear that the Speigels have moved on – but not the false memory gang )

When false memory advocates tell the media and courts that repression is not a quantifyable concept they are playing a sleight of hand.

Research such as that done at the Centre on Stress and Health  about  the relationship between trauma and dissociation, not the relationship btween trauma and repression.

By playing with words in this way, false memory advocates deliberately set out to mislead people who are not aquainted with the prospect of dissociation.




(1) http://www.dana.org/Cerebrum/2008/Coming_Apart__Trauma_and_the_Fragmentation_of_the_Self/








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