So-called False Memory and the European Union

european-union-kalla-euWhat does my so-called false memory have to do with the European Union?

Well in this blog’s opinion rather a lot.

In the present situation if you live in the UK, are being accused of having a false memory, or afraid of speaking out against those who do not want to hear your truth – you have the option to leave the UK and go and live in another European country  without needing to have a particular trade or qualification.

It may not be easy, but those of us who have DID might also have parts that are rather good at adapting to new environs and even learning new languages. Sometimes it can be easier for us to do this than staying in the UK.

It may feel safer to talk about  past trauma we have experienced in another language than that which was spoken at the time the trauma was taking place.

It may help us to move to a country that isn’t trying to opt out of European agreements on Human Rights.

And if we chose carefully, the libel laws for speaking out may not be as harsh as those back in Blighty.

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