Who am I?

I am a person who has a rich and fullfilling life – although I’ve stuggled a lot. In my twenties I was starting to find out who I am when ….pow…. something happened that sent me flying. I was publicly and privately accused of having a false memory and shunned by my entire family I until  realised that the only way to get some “peace” was to lie and tell them that that my memories were”false”. So I was able to have my “family” back… but at a huge expense – my sense of self.

I beleive that my suffering was aided and abetted by the UK false memory club and that is the main reason why I started blog.

I beleive that the false memory clubs are sources of calculated disinformation that solicit paranoid  people.

They exploit these people’s paranoia by encourging them to beleive that they have family members( (usually daughters) who have been brainwshed, belong to a cult and are out to put thier parents in prison.

I beleive that false memory clubs make the dynamics of already troubled families even worse .





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