Dropping the Syndrome.


The UK false memory club is now defining itself as:-

“A charity which campaigns about false memories, particularly in sexual abuse allegations”

This definition is reported in a recent article in the  Police Professional.

So this explains the dropping of the word syndrome as this blog commented  on in a previous post

It’s rather a smart move of the false memory club.

It means that they are no longer restricted to their original official raison d’etre which was the support of families accused by daughters who were supposedly suffering from the said syndrome.

If they still had their original brief it would have been difficult for them to influence  the Goddard Inquiry as this is an inquiry into abuse in institutions and not in domestic homes.

( Domestic spheres and the family is not regarded as an  institution in this respect)

Judge Goddard has stated that:-

I am committed to ensuring that we hear all relevant testimony, including from victims and survivors as well as from those affected by false allegations of abuse. As I announced in November last year, the Inquiry intends to explore the balance which must be struck between encouraging the reporting of child sexual abuse and protecting the rights of the accused.  

Presumably her inquiry has heard from the false memory club already

Meanwhile there is still no inquiry into the extent of CSA in private homes












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