About this blog


I started this blog in about a year and a half ago. I started it because I felt an enourmous amount of anger at the UK false memory club and every time a new newspaper article appeared in the British press in support of the false memory club’s ideas I fell to pieces. It was like the events that happened in the early nineties when the false memory movement was at its height were happening all over again.

I would search the web for stuff about the false memory people and find mostly stuff from the USA. The false memory movement started in the USA  but has also received most criticism in the USA. The British branch of the movement, respectively cloaked behind the facade of a Registered Charity, has been less challenged.

So every time I was angry about the power this movement had exerted on my life, I would write another blog entry. Sometimes I would spend a lot of time writing the entry. At other times I would just copy and paste something that i found relevant. So the blog is unruly and like a maze to find one’s way around – even to me.

But maybe that is the way a blog is supposed to be.

I’m now at the point when there isn’t a lot more I want to write about the UK false memory club. I think this is a good thing and hope I can move onto other things in my life without the past dragging me down.

I may post other updates in the future just to keep tabs on the UK false memory people – just because very few other people seem to do so –  and I think it needs to be done

But now the sun is shining and I have other things to do

Thank you to all of you my online friends who have read it, retweeted it and supported me to write it. Sometimes you need to find support online if you cannot find it IRL.


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