An open letter to Judge Lowell Goddard from NZ

So you’ve resigned.

I must admit I am very upset. I don’t believe the too much holiday excuse and I hope somebody comes up with a decent explanation soon. It’s important that we’re not left  to develop our own theories because CSA survivors have already been called conspiracy theorists by the previous prime minister of the UK.

And this situation ( that we are called conspiracy theorists ) hasn’t been helped by the likes of those who’ve tried to exploit our suffering like Exaro News and use it for their own gain. They have played right into the hands of those who wish to deny our reality and called us fantasists.

I couldn’t believe how big the inquiry was getting. Any time a problem with CSA could not be solved it was tossed into your corner like a pile of dirty washing. How were you ever going to sort out the involvement of intelligence security services in sexual abuse in care  homes or the holding of legal trials that were not able to come to court through standard legal process?

And then you promised that the needs of those who have been falsely accused would also be looked into. And the UK false memory club, which calls itself the leading charity for people accused of false allegations on Linkedin will therefore obviously have a role to play  – whilst those of us who feel that out lives ruined by the false memory clubs will not. Because  we were abused in institutions called private homes, which don’t count.

Don’t get me wrong, I was quite happy to be excluded from this inquiry because people who were abused in schools and children’s homes have had a terrible ride with justice ( In fact I think there should be a separate inquiry into ALL kinds of abuse that took place in children’s homes during a specific period).

But I was very angry to see how the false memory groups managed to wangle their way in.

As I’ve written elsewhere the false memory people are brilliant at networking.

I wish you a safe journey home and i hope you start an inquiry into CSA in NZ instead. Apparently it needs one too.



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