Child abuse and twitter trolls

When I started writing this blog in the beginning of 2015 I wanted to find people who would read it. So I opened a twitter account.

I soon found that there were plenty of people tweeting false memory arguments.

But what I didn’t understand at first was that there are people tweeting about child sexual abuse who appear to be supporting  people who are been abused as children – when in fact they are not.

They are twitter trolls and they want to upset someone.

Child sexual abuse is an upsetting topic and therefore a good subject for twitter trolls to tweet about. It gets people worked up in no time at all.

i investigated two people who trolled me. it turned out that one of them was trying to embarrass a relative. The other was seeking revenge against a person who, had reported them to an authority.

They were both  using the issue of child sexual abuse to inflame their attacks.

I know that “one should not feed the trolls” but I am writing this because I do think it is important to check the twitter lines of people who are tweeting about child sexual abuse  – and to see who they interact with.