The Exaro Scam

How? do I feel about the whole Exaro scam now?

Just used , used, used,

Exaro  seems to have taken fragments and snippets of people’ abuse histories, and then grafted them together in new forms and given them to “designer survivors” who could be articulate and look good in the media.

They even stole stores from other people on Twitter and then revamped them in a new form.

Even I wrote a blog post to defend one of them when an article appeared in the Sunday Times about one of their so-called survivors having a false memory.

Well, at least I wasn’t alone in getting fooled

Ironically it was my fear that the false memory people might be lurking on Twitter, and my total fear of the false memory people that stopped me getting involved with the Exaro people. So I didn’t send any pictures to their silly exhibition and I didn’t reply when their “fans” wrote PM’s to me saying they wanted to help.

Exaro was nothing to do with historic sexual abuse. Its journalists and scam “survivors” are just criminals who took advantage of the space that opened up after the Savile revelations.

For what reason I can only speculate

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