Have parts…. will travel… can be happy



View from hotel where I stayed in Orlando – about 20 mins walk from the hotel where the conference was


I wrote in an earlier blog post about how I /we went to the Healing Together Conference organised by An Infinite Mind in Orlando earlier this year.

And the benefits from it just keep coming.

The thing that makes me happiest about having been there is that I now feel like I belong to a group of people who also have parts…

And I’ve realised that it’s possible to have parts and also lead a good life. It needs lots of work of course… but what doesn’t?

So my goal is no longer to get rid of all my parts, but to understand and live with them better. I would like some of them to merge with each other so that things become easier… but the main goal is to live with them… because they won’t be going anywhere so soon.

I’m so pleased I chose this Orlando conference over others that I could have gone to because the starting point is people who have DID and not the things that caused us to have it.

My parts won’t all be going away too soon – but I don’t want to go around defining myself out of the things that happened to me as a child for the rest of my life.

Yes, abuse and trauma in all its forms happens. Yes they happened to me. yes, there is a relation to that and my parts. But the parts are still around even tho I’, not being abused today.

So I want to define myself out of where I /we are today