The ex-exaro news


I’m tired of blogging about the now ex-website which called itself Exaro news. I’d like to move on. But as long as the remnants of their people and troll accounts are still tweeting about child sexual abuse, I won’t move on yet. Because I won’t give the false memory people and other child abuse deniers the opportunity to say “look at exaro news, all false memories, false allegations and lies”. I want to be able to say, no, Exaro was not representative of adults who were abused as children in the UK; they do not own the word survivor and if all of their “survivors” are found guilty of fraud, it does not make false memory a component of most reports about child abuse. It just means that Exaro was a con organisation.

Press freedom

Anna-Lena Lauren @AnnalenaLauren is a Finnish journalist who has reported extensively from Russia and the Caucasian provences in the Russian Federation. She describes what press freedom means in these provences. On a visit to one  province  she is told that  it has press freedom because each of the main ethnic groups living there (at least 8) has its own press. Each produces its own newspaper. She explains that this concept of press freedom is not the same as press freedom in the west (where there are journalistic rules that must be followed) but simply that every ethnic group has its representative newspaper where it can print news in its own language.

Later on she interviews the editor of a newspaper for another Caucasian province (P 134) which also prints news without sources and interviews. Articles present the viewpoint of the person writing the article as fact. She asks the editor how the newspaper survives because it contains no advertising and the editor replies that the newspaper is paid for the contents of articles. She reflects

I immediately suspect that the newspaper also chooses which corrupt officials it exposes and which ones are left in peace”

She asks him why he accepts payment for the content of articles and he throws the question back at her. Explaining that because there is no publicly funding broadcasting in his country (unlike hers) there is no other way his newspaper can survive. Lauren reflects that:

It is circumstances like this that make it hard to observe and interpret what is actually happening, in Caucasian and in the rest of Russia. Everyone has their own agenda”.

The Exaro website

I suspect that, like the Caucasian paper, the Exaro website also chose

which corrupt officials it exposes and which ones are left in peace”

They and their followers re-tweeted my blog when it contained information that was useful to them and organised for me to be attacked when they didn’t like what I wrote.

Interestingly enough, more than one of the people associated with the that website had previously worked with Russian media.


I bergen finns inga herrar – om Kaukasien och dess folk, Söderströms, Helsingfors 2009 ( translation mine)

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