#metoo I was accused of having a false memory


It feels rather strange not to comment on the #metoo campaign because in fact, the false memory brigade hounded me for doing no more than saying #metoo when the subject of abuse in my childhood home came up. I didn’t bring the subject up, and i didn’t elaborate on on it either. I just said, yes I share that experience.

And for that, and for saying #metoo I was expelled from my family and hounded by 400 plus newspaper articles describing my  so-called false memory syndrome for too years, until I finally felt I was floating in space to such an extent from being expelled from my family and blamed for other people’s suicide attempts,

And now the organisation that was behind saying I had false memory syndrome has now decided that the sydrome does not exist – without bearing any responsibility for admitting that they popularised the term in the UK that lead to 400 plus articles.

So yes, #metoo. I was accused of having a false memory by a British Charity set up for that very purpose.