Update feb 2018

_78209280_womanwithchickens_newIt’s a long time since I’ve written here, so I thought I’d update a little.

Just over two weeks ago I was at the Healing Together Conference for people with DID and other dissociative disorders in Orlando.

Just like last year, it was fantastic and worth working extra over Christmas and New Year to get the money for the trip.

Although this year it wasn’t any particular session that was moved me the most. It was all of it and wonderful to be in a place where people “get it” and one doesn’t need to explain oneself of cover up ones parts by saying something else.

Regarding the subjectof this blog, “my so-called false memory” it hurts me less now what the false memory people say and write  because I generally feel so much stronger that it doesn’t get to me so much. There was one session I attended during the conference when the subject was refered to, although indirectly, It was in the plenary panel session entitled, Next Big Challenge: National Public Education on DID 2.0 with Laura Ward, Ron Davis, Jaime Pollack, and Dr. Milissa Kaufman Moderated by Dr. Robert Oxnam .

One of the people on the panel, I think it was Dr Melissa Kaufman, mentioned the word backlash and I think that somebody else mentioned Loftus’ name.

( Loftus’ influnece is not as strong in the US today.  But her influence is still felt in the UK where she has received a couple of honorary doctorates, he last one less than two years ago. Loftus’ apparent prodigy, Dr Julia Shaw, also lives in the UK. In the post-Savile UK, there is rather a lot of work available for the people who make a career out of proving other peoples’ memories are false. )

Anyway, however strong , or otherwise, Loftus influence may be, I was sitting in this plenary session and I felt the tears coming. So I left the room in a rather distracted state and wanted someone to talk to. Fortunately someone was there, and she was a therapist, and she could listen to me for a few minutes. Explaining just why the mention of the false memory movement upsets me so much is a bit complicated but its easier nowadays because I’ve blogged so much about it. The person listening to me seemed to get it  and I soon felt better.

So although the false memory people can still upset me, the mention of them does not upset me as much as it used to.