A panoramic rant

Dolphin square 1939. Westminter city aechives
Dolphin Square in 1939. Westminter City Archives
Next weeks’s BBC ‘s Panorama’s documentary is entitiled: The VIP Paedophile Ring: What’s the Truth? It doesn’t start until 22:35 but I’m sure there will be lots of people staying up beyond their bedtime. Panorama’s blurb is as follows:-

Panorama investigates sensational allegations of historic child abuse and murder by some of the most prominent people in Britain: a paedophile ring at the heart of the Establishment. Why were the allegations described by police as “credible and true” with no hard evidence or corroboration? What role have senior politicians and the media played in promoting this story around the world? And what price will genuine victims of child abuse pay if it turns out not to be true?

 Why are they focusing on VIP abuse? Because the ratings will be better? And people around the world love to laugh at hankie pankie going on in the corridors of power?
I wouldn’t be having this rant if there had been other recent  BBC documentaries dealing with child sexual abuse. But apart from the pathetic editing-out of Savile in re-runs of Top of the Pops the BBC don’t seem to have done much except stick their panoramic head in the sand – and make radio programs about false memory
Most adults who were abused as children didn’t get abused by anyone famous. But for those who were, there must be special difficulties involved. Your story isn’t important because of who you are – but of who your abuser is. The fear you are carrying around increases with the importance of who this person is and your confidence in the system that abused you is likely to be less than nil. So getting help will be difficult.
It would be pretty difficult to survive as sane as a result of the things that have been described as happening in political VIP circles – and yet we expect people who have survived these things to NOT be fantasists?
Is the BBC intending to compare the people who were abused by VIP’s with those were abused by garden-variety abusers?
And that is going to help… whom?
As I’ve mentioned before on this blog, one of the rhetorical techniques used by  abuse deniers is to start by stating that
“sexual abuse is a very bad thing…
Then they say
After the word “BUT” they send the attack dogs after the survivors.
They always make a division between the “good” survivors and the “brainwashed / deluded / bad” ones.
Twenty years ago they were making divisions between women who had always remembered  being sexually abused and silly brainwashed daughters who had undergone a straw-man therapy ( recovered memory therapy) that never existed
But perhaps I am wrong. Maybe Panorama is not having a dig at the survivors themselves but at unscrupulous media agencies that exploit the suffering of survivors with mental health problems. But if this is the case then I think that the BBC should take a look at itself. One of the radio programs I referred to earlier included a brief interview with a retractor. In false memory lingo a retractor is a person who previously beleived that they had been sexually abused but later realised that this was not true and that they had in fact been brainwashed by a therapist. Now there may be genuine retractors out there but the one who who was used on this radio program was one of the star retractors of the false memory movement and quite googlable…
I will be on the lookout  for the following poetic words and phrases in the Panorama documentary:- #AbuseApologistBingo 

poetics 2

But I really shoudn’t complain. After all the BBC is so good at comedy. And oddly enough, through comedy, people are able to say whatever they want. Just don’t mention it to the documentary makers

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Now here’s a panorama. Click on the link below and then ask yourself how it’s  possibe that child sexual abuse never occurred here. Since it’s occurred in lots of other places around the UK.