Meeting others with #DID

I haven’t written here for a while. I thought I might never write here again. But I made my way back again today.

A couple of months ago I Went to a conference for people with Dissociative Identity Disorder and the pople who care about them / us and want to learn more about DID. The Conference is called Healing Together and run by a non-profit called An Infinite Mind.

I am so very glad I went. So very important to meet other people who have this.

One of the sessions at the conference was a panel discussion about the pros and cons of coming out to others that one has DID. During the discussion the subject of the false memory people came up. Tension came into the rooom.

I said nothing, I just watched other people become tense and agitated for a couple of minutes until the facilitator (rightly) guided the discussion away from the subject of recovered/ false memory and back to DID. 17201138_10155038249437567_3148609013014354445_n

I realised that if I hadn’t written this blog then I would be one of the people in the room who became very tense and agitated when the subject came up. But now I wasn’t. I could just observe how some people became very triggered and agitated.

I told one of these people about this blog afterwards. I hope she and other people who are still traumatised as a result of the false memory movement in the 1990’s can find also resolve their trauma.