Memory, Morrissey and the Beeb

On July 22 2015  the British Home Office found some files that had been missing.

The files referred to a few dead politicians and child sexual abuse.

On the same day the BBC broadcast  a radio documentary about false memory.

You can listen to the radio program here

It mentions a few words and phrases that often pop up in the vocalary of child sexual abuse denial:-

  • UFO’s

  • shopping malls,

  • parental alienation,

  • brainwashing your children so they won’t get fat….orwell_edited

  • The British Legal System needing more expert witnesses to inform juries about false memories.

But there was something new. They now have a new piece of lingo.

Some people apparently suffer from imagination inflation. 

images (3)_edited

This is the forth BBC Radio program about false memories in six months!

OK Since I’ve got a bit of imagination inflation myself… here’s Morrissey

“It was good while it lasted”

Jimmy Savile


Here is a link to another Radio 4 program that deals with false memory

An Ode to the British Establishment

lowry piccadilly square

A Personal Crisis

The blog came into being  because a of a personal crisis –  brought on by news coverage about child sexual abuse in the UK.  I had to respond in some way. So I started blogging and tweeting about so-called false memory.

I am very thankful to everyone who has supported me – I am now feling a lot better.

The false memory movement in the UK

I found quite a bit on the net that is critical of the false memory people in the US. But I wanted to understand how they worked in the UK. It seems that the movement in the UK has put more emphasis on trying to influence public policy. They’ve made at least two submissions regarding historical child sexual abuse in the past – and will doubtless be making a submision to the present UK inquiry.

The so-called grassroots charity

I used to think that the false memory movement was who they said they were – groups of´parents´ who were suffering  from the misfortune of  ´brainwashed´ adult daughters. Now I don’t think the group was ´grassrooted´at all. I think parents’ agony was just exploted to provide fuel to make good stories to the press. And I think this is still the case today

Feeling alone

When I started this blog I felt very alone. I wanted to find someone with the same experience  –   of being hounded by the false people –  to share with. I haven’t found that. But I have found stop-stalking-6people who do want to listen – and people who have been hurt in other ways that make them feel very alone. Because feeling alone – and not being able to share one’s experience – is one of the hallmarks of child sexual abuse

Organised Abuse


In 2012 Michael Salter published a book called “Organised sexual abuse”.

He writes about the false memory movement

The false memory movement does not like the term organised sexual abuse and prefers to re-name it as satanic ritual abuse. The movement emphasises Satan as a deliberate strategy that shifts the debate away from issues of child safety.

The subject is re-framed as an issue of gullible people who believe in witchcraft.


Salter found that the main organisation in the USA false memory movement published 144 newsletters between 1992 and 2011. The term satanic ritual abuse was referred to in all but four of these newsletters.

Salter writes:-

Since the 1980s, disclosures of organised abuse [cases of child sexual abuse that involve multiple perpetrators] have been disparaged by a range of activists, journalists and researchers who have focused, in particular, on cases in which sexually abusive groups were alleged to have behaved in ritualistic or ceremonial ways”

“Whilst these authors claimed to be writing in the interests of science and social justice, what has emerged from their writing are a familiar set of arguments about the credibility of women and children’s testimony of sexual violence; in short, that women and children are prone to a range of memory and cognitive errors that lead them to make false allegations of rape”.

“This body of literature has systematically misconstrued allegations of organised abuse, and used organised abuse as a lens through which the debate on child abuse could be re-envisioned along very traditional lines, attributing victim status to accused men and constructing liars out of women and children complaining of sexual abuse….In particular, by framing allegations of organised abuse as bizarre and beyond belief, they sought to reassert an older politics of disbelief that contests the notion that women and children are reliable witnesses.”

At the time of writing ( 2015 ) the subject of organised sexual abuse is frequently discussed in the UK media. The Home Secretary Teresa May has admitted that the historical sexual abuse of children in the UK is far higher than was previously admitted. This includes sexual abuse that was organised and planned by groups of people – as opposed to child sexual abuse that was carried out by individuals acting alone.
It is therefore rather strange that the British Humanist Association is holding a conference called “Searching for Satan” on in June 2015 (2)
Are children not humans?

Are adult survivors of sexual abuse not humans too?

Detail from Lot and one of his daughters – before she was sent to Sodom

1) Salter, Michael “Organised Sexual Abuse.” Routledge 2012
A really good interview with Michael Salter here:-

2) CFI UK Conference: Searching for Satan: Miscarriages of memory, fractured families and Satanic panics