Memory, Morrissey and the Beeb

On July 22 2015  the British Home Office found some files that had been missing.

The files referred to a few dead politicians and child sexual abuse.

On the same day the BBC broadcast  a radio documentary about false memory.

You can listen to the radio program here

It mentions a few words and phrases that often pop up in the vocalary of child sexual abuse denial:-

  • UFO’s

  • shopping malls,

  • parental alienation,

  • brainwashing your children so they won’t get fat….orwell_edited

  • The British Legal System needing more expert witnesses to inform juries about false memories.

But there was something new. They now have a new piece of lingo.

Some people apparently suffer from imagination inflation. 

images (3)_edited

This is the forth BBC Radio program about false memories in six months!

OK Since I’ve got a bit of imagination inflation myself… here’s Morrissey

“It was good while it lasted”

Jimmy Savile


Here is a link to another Radio 4 program that deals with false memory

An Ode to the British Establishment

lowry piccadilly square

A Personal Crisis

The blog came into being  because a of a personal crisis –  brought on by news coverage about child sexual abuse in the UK.  I had to respond in some way. So I started blogging and tweeting about so-called false memory.

I am very thankful to everyone who has supported me – I am now feling a lot better.

The false memory movement in the UK

I found quite a bit on the net that is critical of the false memory people in the US. But I wanted to understand how they worked in the UK. It seems that the movement in the UK has put more emphasis on trying to influence public policy. They’ve made at least two submissions regarding historical child sexual abuse in the past – and will doubtless be making a submision to the present UK inquiry.

The so-called grassroots charity

I used to think that the false memory movement was who they said they were – groups of´parents´ who were suffering  from the misfortune of  ´brainwashed´ adult daughters. Now I don’t think the group was ´grassrooted´at all. I think parents’ agony was just exploted to provide fuel to make good stories to the press. And I think this is still the case today

Feeling alone

When I started this blog I felt very alone. I wanted to find someone with the same experience  –   of being hounded by the false people –  to share with. I haven’t found that. But I have found stop-stalking-6people who do want to listen – and people who have been hurt in other ways that make them feel very alone. Because feeling alone – and not being able to share one’s experience – is one of the hallmarks of child sexual abuse

False Memory on your CV?

academic advisory 3_edited

After being accused of false memories, destroying families, leading witch hunts and  brainwashing others in the early 1990’s I stopped speaking – even to myself.

I fled, went underground and was very quiet for a long time.

I’ve now started to write about this injustice online.

But not IRL.

And I can’t ever imagine wanting to put the words false memory on my CV

 So why do others do so?

 Why do they want to blab about their association with a movement that has caused myself and so many others so much harm?

 Contratto and Gotfreund give four possible reasons why people might want to put the words false memory on their CV

  •  Concern about the future of science

  • Concern about the cocept of repression

  • Concern about the damage done to families

  • Concern about the professional status of psychology

I have to confess that I have given a lot of thought to these reasons.

I now think I was wasting my time.

Here is my present analysis of why some people want to put the words false memory on their CV

  • they hate feminists

  • they hate women

  • they hate vulnerable people of any sort and gender

  • they hate feminists

(1) Contratto and Gotfreund A feminist clinicians guide to the memory debate. Taylor and Francis. 1996