Anomalistic psychology

Anomalistic psychology is the name given to the critical study of paranormal beleifs in phenomena such as:-

  • abductions by UFOs

  • new-age healing crystals

  • satanic cults

  • talking to your pot plants.

 Anomalistic psychology has developed out of a criticism of parapsychology.

It seems to be a useful form of psychology for people who wish to deny that child sexual abuse exists.

Instead of sorting through messy evidence of what did or didn’t happen, anomalistic pychologists can simply work ontologically backwards from a position of disbeleif.

  • UFO abductions don’t exist.

  •  But some some people beleive they HAVE been abducted by aliens

  • It is therefore logically possible that some people can believe that child sexual abuse has happened when it has not.

There is a problem with this argument however.

  • There is plenty of evidence showing that the UK has a terrible history of violence towards children.

  • In july 2015 the UK was criticised by the UN for allowing adults to hit children in private homes

  • This is hardly comparable with a “belief” in UFO abductions.

  • It is therefore unethical to work backwards from a position of disbelief when discussing violence against children in the UK

Memory, Morrissey and the Beeb

On July 22 2015  the British Home Office found some files that had been missing.

The files referred to a few dead politicians and child sexual abuse.

On the same day the BBC broadcast  a radio documentary about false memory.

You can listen to the radio program here

It mentions a few words and phrases that often pop up in the vocalary of child sexual abuse denial:-

  • UFO’s

  • shopping malls,

  • parental alienation,

  • brainwashing your children so they won’t get fat….orwell_edited

  • The British Legal System needing more expert witnesses to inform juries about false memories.

But there was something new. They now have a new piece of lingo.

Some people apparently suffer from imagination inflation. 

images (3)_edited

This is the forth BBC Radio program about false memories in six months!

OK Since I’ve got a bit of imagination inflation myself… here’s Morrissey

“It was good while it lasted”

Jimmy Savile


Here is a link to another Radio 4 program that deals with false memory